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Windows Updates are Important (for PC's)

Spyware Tools
Ad-aware Personal SE 1.06 - Removes Spyware
Spybot S & D Version 1.4 - Removes and prevents Spyware
Spywareblaster Version 3.4 - Prevents Spyware



AntiVirus Tools
Grisoft's AVG Free Edition Version 7
TrendMicro's Free Online Scanner


Advanced Tools
Hijack This - Removes stubborn Spyware and Virus'
Hijack This Log Analysis - Make sense of cryptic log files
CWShredder Stand Alone - Removes CoolWWWSearch
WinSockXPFix - Fixes winsock on XP


Other Tools
Knoppix V3.9 EN - Linux Live CD <---This is just AWESOME
Memtest86 V3.2 - A Stand-alone Memory Diagnostic
BigFix, Inc. - Enterprise "Fix it before it fails" Solution

Harddrive Data Recovery

Drive Savers

Best Data Recovery
For a discount give them my Reseller ID# - DS15781

ECO Data Recovery

Flat Rate Pricing with high quality
Contact me directly for a Discount

Tutorials for all these will be provided soon.


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